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Kids need hands-on STEM education more than ever. Our mission is to provide that opportunity to as many kids as possible. Want to help? Donate today to become one of our Community Lab Partners!

Community Lab Partners

We depend on donations for Inspired by Science to be successful! All donors are what we call our Community Lab Partners. Click on the link below to see a list of those individuals, businesses, and organizations who support our effort to promote science among elementary school aged young scientists! Special thanks to Nuclear Waste Partnership and Devon Energy,
who are title sponsors for 2021 Inspired by Science activities!

Click here to see full Community Lab Partner List

Desert Willow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Join us on a virtual tour of the Desert Willow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center!

About our events: Any reference to camps on our site refers to multi-session youth programs that may be at a community location or hosted virtually on our Web site. Inspired by Science does not host overnight events.